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Andy's Broadview Heights Auto Body in Broadview Heights has been serving Cleveland OH with auto repairs and services for over 20 years! Our I-CAR Certified mechanics specialize in all makes and models of vehicles. Whether you need a tow, a dent removed from your car, new tires, electrical repairs, suspension work, finish care, preventative maintenance or complete collision frame repairs, we do it all! No job is too small or too large for our professionals.

At Andy's Broadview Heights, we also offer emergency towing and roadside assistance. When you unexpectedly break down, have peace of mind knowing we will be there fast. Whether you have a flat tire, got in a car wreck or you ran out of gas, rely on our courteous team for dependable towing service.

PaintingCar on lift

With our oven baked painting system, Andy's Broadview Heights Auto Body can give your old clunker that new car shine again! We only use high quality Dupont paint and the job is guaranteed by Dupont's and Andy's warranty.

Covered Defects Include:

  • Cracking
  • Checking
  • Severe loss of gloss caused by cracking or fading
  • Peeling of the topcoat or any of the layers of film included in the refinishing process

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Finish Care Guidelines

30 Days Post Paint:

  • Hand-wash vehicle often, fresh water only
  • Avoid parking under trees - sap and bird droppings may damage finish (rinse off as soon as possible)

    Paint booth

120 Days Post Paint:

  • Remove heavy soil using mild liquid soap - no detergent
  • Do not wax car

Long-Term Paint Protection:

  • Park in sheltered areas whenever possible
  • Do not use scrappers to remove ice or snow from painted surfaces
  • Do not let gasoline or antifreeze stand on painted surfaces (rinse off as soon as possible)
  • Do not wash your vehicle in the hot sun
  • Do not wipe finish with a dry cloth - always use water
  • Avoid abrasive cleaners, chemicals or brushes - automatic car wash brushes can scratch the finish)
  • Touch up any paint nicks as soon as possible to protect against rust

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Service Areas Include: Broadview Heights and Cleveland OH